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No way Booth shot the prez. Look, he's the biggest stage actor in the world and banging chicks left and right, is he really going to give that up? And look at the timeline. Booth goes up to Lincoln's box where the guard just HAPPENS TO BE SOMEWHERE ELSE getting laid or something, so he can JUST HAPPEN to sneak up behind Lincoln and get off a round or two. Now anyone else doing that would run like shit out of the theater, right, so he wouldn't get caught. But no, this guy JUMPS ON THE STAGE IN FRONT OF EVERYBODY and yells out '"HEY IT'S ME BOOTH!" and gives some whack speech in latin or greek or some shit JUST LIKE, OH, BOOTH WOULD, and THE COPS DON'T CHASE HIM. Then he has time to get on his horse and just trot away like he's going to lunch or some shit AND NOBODY GOES AFTER HIM? This is BULLSHIT! WAKE UP, PEOPLE!!!
      -- Word. Daguerreotypes or it didn't happen.

And don't forget that frigging drunk Grant. Him and his ugly wife were SUPPOSED to have been at the theater with Lincoln but then suddenly he's all like, "Oh our wives don't like each other, so we're going to New York instead." Like they couldn't just stay home and play 20 Questions. YEAH RIGHT! Then he says, "Oh someone tried to open our door but it was locked, whoops, I'm still alive!" How convienenet!
      -- Convenient. (Spelling, sorry, been up all night trying 2 figure this whole thing out.)

Something else nobody's looking at. That same night the VICE PRESIDENT and SECRETARY OF STATE almost get whacked. Who stands to win? FOLLOW THE GOLD BARS! If Johnson and Seward got whacked, that would make Schuyler Colfax (Speaker of the House) next in line! Who, by the way, is a member of the INDEPENDENT ORDER OF ODD FELLOWS CULT! Get the picture? Yeah, Booth, sure, whatever. Tell me another 1.
       --I heard the Odd Fellows were told not to go the theater that night.
          --Fucking RETHUGLICANS and their CULTS TAKING OVER!!!!

And another thing. Booth's been on the run for how long now? A week? AND THEY HAVEN'T CAUGHT HIM? EVEN THOUGH THEY SAY HE KILLED THE PRESIDENT?! What kind of shitz iz that? And the SHEEPLE just nod their heads and "bah" and keep eating grass WHILE OUR COUNTRY BECOMES THE DISUNITED STATES OF SCHUYLER COLFAX!
        -- Who names their kid Schuyler???? 
             -- With that name I bet he got his ass kicked plenty when he was growing up.  
                 -- Probably wanted revenge so he popped the prez thinking he could take over. 
                     -- But the other two dumbasses couldn't aim their guns straight enough to do the job.
                         -- HA! Dumbasses is right. 

I just thought of something. What about LINCOLN'S WIFE? She's sitting right there next to him, wouldnt you just take her out 2 as long as youre up there? Strange...
  -- Yeah, bitch is CRAZY. Look at her.
        -- EXACTLY. What does Booth gain from this? NOTHING.
            -- It's ALWAYS the wife.
                -- Word.

Don't forget the state-controlled press. Did U see the New York Times headline when he was shot? You needed a magnifying glass! Like they didnt want us 2 know. And it didn't even say LINCOLN KILLED or whatever, it just said "Terrible Tragedy!" Well no duh. It was a tragedy for THE REST OF US who are being lied to! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!
       -- Is it true that the telegraph operators in DC had been given the night off and replaced by government workers? Seems like the newspapers got the details PRETTY FAST.
          --Like maybe ahead of time? I was thinking the same thing. 
This was a false flag operation for sure. The anti-slave group was behind it so they could make it look like someone in the pro-slavery side so they could have MARTIAL LAW like Lincoln always wanted and then at some point bring back slavery just to start the Civil War AGAIN. It's so obvious.
     -- Wow hadnt thought of that. Scary.

Why is Lincoln's name spelled like that? Shouldn't it be Linkin? I mean the way it is now it looks like it should be pronounced LINK COLON. ;)
     -- Good one! 
         --Thanx! Been a tough week, figured we could use a laff.

Lincoln lived another NINE HOURS after he was "shot by John Wilkes Booth". What do you suppose he was talking about that whole time? Like maybe it WASN'T Booth? Maybe he KNEW about a GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY?
      -- Wheres the autopsy, thats what I want to know.
          -- 1st his son dies, then him. I'm telling U theres more here than we're being told.
             -- I still dont believe that Fort Sumter bullshit. Funny how 5 minutes after it's over, Francis Scott  Key just HAPPENS to have a song ready to go. "Oh say can you see" my ass!
                --All I can see are FALSE FLAGS!!!

I think it was actually John Wilkes' brother Edwin Booth who whacked the prez so he could blame it on him. He was jealous that JW was gettin all the ladies. My man JW is the PRINCE OF PLAYAS! HAHA!


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