Tuesday, August 26, 2014


The presidents of three major networks' news divisions reflected on their coverage of the recent tragic events in Ferguson, Ohio.

James Goldston of ABC News told reporters, "Although what happened to Michael Brown's family was terrible, it allowed my colleagues and I to allow black reporters to cover a major news story for the first time. And let me be the first to say, they did an exemplary job of being professional, while, at the same time, being black. The next time there's a race riot, our black reporters will be there, putting things in black perspective for our white anchors."

NBC News' Deborah Turness was equally enthusiastic. "We've been looking forward to a story where our black reporters could put their unique talent to good use. After seemingly endless stories about everything but racial incidents since Trayvon Whatshisname, the Ferguson incident was something of a godsend for our minority news people. I say, 'Well done, black reporters, well done.'"

"I couldn't agree with them more," said CBS News president David Rhodes. "Our black guys have been in the bullpen for a long time now, just waiting for us to let them take a swing at a story we thought they could handle. I predict that there will come a day -- perhaps in our lifetime -- when they'll be able to cover politics in general, which has traditionally been the 'white beat.' Especially if there's ever a black president."


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