Thursday, January 12, 2017


It also helped that, as a young man, he resembled
John Lennon.
Well, it looks like it's time to stop making fun of Donald Trump's appearance. Not because we have to show respect for the incoming president. The last president who was respected by the nation at large was George Washington -- which was also the last time the name "Washington" received respect as well.

Nor is it because Trump will suddenly become overwhelmed by the gravity of his new job, learn to think before he speaks, and stops dressing like someone who finds the  Men's Wearhouse too sophisticated for his taste.

The diaper would be a
good start.
Yes, the man who last year replaced Erich von Stroheim as "the man you love to hate" is, in 2017, someone you want to spend the night with (unless the alleged Russian dossier is true, in which case you're going to need to stock up on industrial strength versions of detergent and self-respect). And, as usual, science can back it up in one simple headline:

Science? you ask incredulously. Science is explaining why we get hot and bothered when we can leave that up to our own eyes?

Oh yeah, this is science, alright, as The Journal of Public Economics proves beyond a doubt:

dRL=1i=if(i)(iiL)1F(i)di                       Now don't you wish you paid attention during 10th grade algebra? 
If you find the above pig's dinner of a formula eye-watering (to use a favorite colloquialism of the Daily Mail), it can be boiled downto this: Attractive people make more money. As they make more money,they tend to become more conservative
This formula doesn't explain Ted Cruz, who resmebles Pat Buttram's idiot brother, and George Clooney, who looks the way your significantother wishes you did. 
Yet movie stars tend to be photogenic (which is why Nathan Lane is a Broadway star) but have the reputation for being politically liberal.Mel Gibson, being anti-Semitic, homophobic and misogynistic, would seem to be the exception. And you'd think those traits would rightfully make him a pariah in the industry. But he isn't.

You see, his most recent release, Hacksaw Ridgehas made $138-million worldwide  on a $40-million budget. His personal wealth is estimated at $425-million.
Get the picture? With that kind of dough, the movie industry finds the odious Gibson attractive as all get-out (which is what he tells Jews and gays who wander onto his movie set). 

Contrast that with Michael Richards, who's hardly worked since his infamous performance art-wannabe racist rant at an L.A. comedy club almost 11 years ago. He's worth only $45-million. Hollywood will never forgive a pittance like that.

Yeah, better to be Mel Gibson. But remember, Hollywood loved him even more when he was worth $850-million. That was before he had to give half of it to his ex-wife in a divorce settlement. Boy, is she attractive.


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