Saturday, March 4, 2017


Asked why she ordered the move, Minnelli said, "I hate to drink alone."

Informed of the tragedy, a local official reacted with shock. "Had we known she was alive, we would have raped and killed her first."

Reflecting on the cost, Ohh sighed, "Justin Beiber has no idea how easy he's had it."

As he looked in the mirror following the surgery, Alves said, "I've gotta thank Vinny Ohh for making me look normal."

Asked why the app is so popular, a user replied, "With guys like Vinnie Ohh and Rodrgio Alves around, do you blame us?"

Researchers also found that they'll live ten years longer if they don't.

"This study proves beyond any doubt," said their report, "that men have evolved very little over time."

Mr. Bannon and Mr. Trump were then returned safely to the White House.


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