Thursday, April 30, 2015


The Baltimore Police Department said the results of its investigation into Freddie Gray's death will not be made public because "the integrity of that investigation has to be protected," said Police Captain Eric Kowalczyk.

Coincidentally, this is the first time the word "integrity" has been used in connection with the Baltimore Police Department.


A Gallop poll shortly afterwards put Zakariahas in first place in the Republican race for president.

Film critic Jeffrey Lyons claims that Joe DiMaggio once dated the world’s first famous transsexual, Christine Jorgensen. Appearing on the Joe Piscopo radio show, Lyons said, “My parents were friendly with [Jorgensen]. They fixed her up . . . got her a date with DiMaggio.”

Jorgensen, they said, was interested in getting to third base without any balls.

A charity affiliated with the Clinton Foundation failed to reveal the identities of its 1,100 donors, creating a broad exception to the foundation’s promise to disclose funding sources as part of an ethics agreement with the Obama administration.

Clinton spokesman David Brock told the Washington Post, "All this is nonsense. The Clintons never agreed to be ethical in the first place."

A lawsuit brought by 91-year-old Sumner Redstone's 44-year-old girlfriend Sydney Holland against former MTV star Heather Naylor was declared over in Los Angeles Superior Court. The dispute revolved around allegations that Naylor had conspired  to steal Holland's laptop computer containing "pri­vate and confidential" photos.

"The idea that these photos would become public," said Judge Thomas Townsend, "is repulsive, sickening and, frankly, makes me want to vomit. And the criminal conspiracy isn't that great, either."

A group of prominent religious leaders is warning that they will not obey the law if the Supreme Court legalizes gay marriage for all states.

Rev. John Sivoney told reporters, "Sexual intimacy is only between men and women, and religious leaders and eight year-old boys."


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