Monday, November 2, 2015


British performance artist Poppy Jackson is looking for women to donate their menstrual blood for her next project.

When asked what her reasoning was, Jackson explained, "I've always wanted to do a period piece."

The  upcoming Japanese movie Sayonara is the first to star Geminoid F, a robot who is playing a real woman.

A spokesman said, "We initially wanted Julia Roberts, but decided to go with something who could believably replicate human emotions."

Woody Allen's first wife, Harlene Rosen, has written a heartfelt public message on the eve of the director's 80th birthday next month. Allen was 19 and Rosen 16 when they married in 1956.

Allen later admitted they broke up because she was too old for him.

Their number one request is that moderators no longer ask any questions.

Accountants have found that sex workers have become their newest clients.

One accountant, Brad Lanes, says, "After specializing in politicians, I found it refreshing to work with real whores for a change."


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