Wednesday, February 17, 2016


JULY 4, 1776: 

"You know, this whole 'All men are created equal' business -- sure, it's a nice idea. Who wouldn't like equality for all? But this is all pie-in-the-sky. You need to be pragmatic about these things."

SEPTEMBER 22, 1863:

"Freeing all the slaves, at once? I mean, come on. Who's going to pay for that? And oh yeah, I'm sure President Lincoln's kids are really going to pick cotton. No, let's think about what this so-called Emancipation Proclamation is really going to entail."

JUNE 1, 1869:

"... And I say to my critics, yes, I'm proud to be the first woman to address the business owned by my good friend Marcus Goldman."

FEBRUARY 1, 1905:

"I'd like my good friend Teddy Roosevelt explain just how we're going to manage 230 million acres of forests when Americans can barely get rid of the weeds in their yards. It makes no sense."

MAY 27, 1935:

"National Recovery Administration -- it's a wonderful concept, you know, giving people jobs building roads and bridges, clearing forests, supporting theaters and artists. Too bad it's all a fantasy."

AUGUST 14, 1935:

"No one respects President Roosevelt more than I do. But this alleged Social Security -- taking a portion of people's salary and putting it away for their old age -- it's just nonsense.  We already have banks for that. And hello, what about Wall Street?"

JULY 2, 1964:

"Civil rights -- it sounds good. Who's against civil rights? It's civil and it's right. But the idea of giving everybody the same rights all at once -- it can't be done. Let's take what we have already -- segregation, voter disenfranchisement, the Klan running wild in the South -- and, you know, chip away at it, bit by bit."

JULY 30, 1965:

"Medicare is never going to work. Period."


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