Thursday, July 14, 2016


The Fresno Police Department's internal affairs unit is investigating the death of Dylan Noble, 19. Noble, unarmed, was shot four times by police officers, twice while lying wounded on the ground. 

Police Department spokesman Brad Lanes told reporters, "As you can see by the suspect's photo, this proves that Fresno cops don't discriminate when it comes to recklessly shooting suspects. Black or white, they're all the same to us."

Even more shocking to investigators was that there were 188 kids in Texas who actually went to school.

The researchers said this explained Milton Berle and Bob Hope.

"And by balance the ticket," said Trump spokesman Chester Hooten, "I mean somebody whose hair color and skin tone are actually found in nature."

Clinton thanked Sanders before signalling to her sharpshooters that it was safe to put down their weapons.


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