Thursday, February 16, 2017


What, me worry? No, us.
The great advantage of watching Donald Trump's entire press conferences, rather than just the "highlights" on the evening news, is that you can find out for yourself what the President said. 

Well, that, and the fact that they last only about 10 minutes -- and for good reason. You see, after catching a couple of them, I've learned that, for a guy who went to private schools and a good college, President Trump has an incredibly limited vocabulary. 

And by "limited", I'm talking about 20 words -- "very", "unfair", "disaster", and "fake" come to mind -- repeated ad infinitum. (That's a phrase he wouldn't understand because it has more than three syllables.) He probably thinks a thesaurus is what the Metropolitan Museum has on display in the dinosaur exhibit. 

How is it I remember Miss Bonnie, but not what
day it is?
It's gotten to the point where I'm getting flashbacks to Miss Bonnie on Romper Room circa 1961. She had the same cadence and reliance on a handful of easy-to-understand words and phrases. I keep waiting for Trump to end each press conference by whipping out a Magic Mirror and cooing, "I see Jimmy, I see Willie, I see Kevin..."

The difference is, Miss Bonnie talked that way because her audience was made up of very young children. Trump sounds like he graduated from the Rocky Graziano School of Communications.

For me, it came to a head when he and Japan's Prime Minister Abe faced the press last week. It was there that the leader of the free world welcomed the Prime Minister to "the very famous White House."

I'm starting to think he's giving signals to his
Russian handlers.
The very famous White House. Cripes! I didn't always agree with Pres. Obama, but if nothing else, he always sounded well-educated. Thoughtful. At times, witty. I enjoyed listening to him, especially toward the end of administration. 

But Trump! Did he ever open a book that didn't have his mistresses' phone numbers? Has he ever uttered anything quotable other than "You're fired"? Does he ever think about anything other than himself? Does he ever think?

And, like Trump, he's not playing with a
full deck, either.
That's why I can't believe that our new president, who sounds like he's forever talking to (or like) a dim-witted toddler, is linked to a Russian spy agency. Government moles go out of their way to fit in and not draw attention to themselves. Especially negative attention. 

If Laurence Harvey had behaved like Trump in The Manchurian Candidate, he never would have gotten clearance to sweep the floors of the Smithsonian Institution, let alone make his way past security at the presidential convention with a rifle. 

Unless... this is all part of the plan. 

The plan to bore us into unconsciousness every time Trump opens his mouth, thus making America ripe for a Russian takeover without a single bullet being fired. It will be, as Trump would put it, an unbelievable annexing. 

And then he would take out his Magic Mirror. I see Vladimir... I see Vladimir... I see no one but Vladimir. 


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