Monday, November 23, 2015


Robert Rodriguez, the director of Spy Kids and Sin City, has made a short film starring John Malkovich that has been put in a time capsule and won't be seen for 100 years.

Studio heads immediately asked if the same could be done for the forthcoming Adam Sandler movie.

North Korea has executed three women for circulating episodes of a TV series they illegally videotaped.

Motion Picture Association of America CEO Chris Dodd remarked, "Now we're talking!"

He added, "I tell my guys: leave the gun, take the felafel."

BOE spokesman Brad Lanes explained, "We don't want our textbooks to have facts, so what the hell's the point?"

In related news, the same researchers have proved conclusively that easy access to food can cause food addiction.

After returning the favor, the man said Sheen should return to TV in a sitcom called Three and Half Inches.


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