Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Russian make-up artist Elya Bulochka defended her use of dead fish as facial accessories, as animal lovers claimed that it was "just another stupid person killing animals for nothing."

Bulochka responded, "What do you mean for nothing? It's the first meal these models have eaten in days."
After public outcry, AMC removed the Axis-inspired imagery from New York subway trains promoting its new series The Man in the High Castle.

Producer Brad Lanes asked the city, "So does this mean the gas chamber motif in the 24 Hour Fitness sauna is out, too?"

Carly Fiorina told Fox News' Chris Wallace that she objects to anybody linking Robert Lewis Dear, the killer of three people at a Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic, to the anti-abortion movement.

Fiorina also objected to anybody linking ISIS brutal slayings of gays to the anti-gay movement, adding, "They just have a death penalty, alright?"

After announcing a fake suicide attempt on her Facebook page, pop singer Sinead O'Connor said  that her children -- ages 8, 11, 19 and 28 -- were "dead to me".

Her children replied, "Promise?"

Republican donors are concerned that Jeb Bush is polling at 5% after spending $26-million on TV ads, while Donald Trump is in first place at 27% after spending only $200,000 on radio spots and nothing for TV.

In response, Bush told reporters, "This just proves Trump isn't as rich as he claims!"  

20th Century-Fox denied reports that a grizzly bear rapes Leonardo DiCaprio in its upcoming movie The Revenant.

Studio spokesman Leslie Hope explained, "It was entirely consensual."

Kylie Jenner's has created a lipstick so people can replicate her look.

Mike Mercury, star of the '60s hit series Supercar, said, "Big deal! I was there first!"


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