Thursday, December 31, 2015


Researchers at the Harvard Medical School have discovered that 21 orgasms a month can reduce a man's chance of prostate cancer by 22%.

In a related study, men married at least 10 years have a 99.9% higher chance of getting prostate cancer.

Quentin Tarantino has been sued by a father-and-son writing team for allegedly plagiarizing their script in order to make his 2012 movie Django Unchained.

Tarantino's spokesman, Brad Lanes, told reporters that the suit was "completely false and libelous. Quentin only rips off B-movies and TV shows nobody's ever heard of."

Goldie Hawn told People magazine that her 32-year relationship with Kurt Russell requires constant work.

And by work, she added, she meant with every plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills.

Calling South Carolina Senator Katrina Shealy "strong" and "fierce" like a hurricane, former Gov. Jeb Bush nicknamed her "Hurricane Katrina," the disaster that killed 2,000 people and is considered the low point of his brother's presidency.

Later realizing his faux-pas, Bush said, "What I meant to say was, Sen Shealy is resilient and remarkable, which is why I've now nicknamed her Hiroshima."

Asked why he was buying a new cellphone, Salling replied, "How else can I download it now?"


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