Saturday, March 5, 2016


Robert Morrow, historian.
For all of the talk surrounding Texas' election results on Super Tuesday, one name never made the network news. You might want to remember it, however, if you want to know why Lone Star Republicans are, pound for steer-fed pound, some of the most deranged elected lawmakers outside of President Robert Mugabe's palace.

You think Donald Trump is colorful? Well, pardner, meet the newly-elected Travis County GOP chairman, Robert Morrow. Trump merely calls his opponents losers. Morrow goes 35 steps further, tweeting that they should "go fuck themselves." 

He's a little harder on Bill and Hillary Clinton, on whom he wishes death by heart attack. (Bill's a vegan now, so that's probably not happening for a while.)

And while he's convinced that Lyndon Johnson was behind the Kennedy assassination, Morrow -- the self-described "face of the GOP" -- isn't above taking a critical look at his own party:

You gotta give him credit. All Trump did was make fun of Perry's glasses, and call Bush "low-energy."

Morrow's Twitter page is filled with similar musings on Hillary Clinton's anatomy, Megyn Kelly's morals, and, when in doubt, Jews. But even Morrow must have realized it was a little too much, as his shout-out to a prominent GOP strategist proves:

Later that day, however, came this opinion regarding a former Texas governor:

Remember, that was after Stone told him to cool it, so you can imagine what it was like before. 

(Fun facts: The aforementioned Roger Stone was one of Pres. Nixon's "dirty tricksters," and the author of the book that claims LBJ killed Kennedywhich Robert Murrow so admires. Stone also wrote another book that claims George H.W. Bush killed Kennedy. So confusing!)

No coward he, Robert Morrow is happy to take on his critics. When somebody with the handle "LennyBoyUSA" accused him of being an Israel-hater and Holocaust denier, he responded with righteous indignation:

He certainly isn't a racist as some claim:

Nor does he like being misquoted, either:

So get your facts straight, all you haters.

Not exactly a Trump
hair-do, but it's a start.
The Travis County Republican establishment -- I picture them sitting outside the feed store drinking bourbon, smoking cheap cigars and using spittoons -- is described as "apoplectic" over Morrow's election. 

What they might be more concerned about is why Morrow (who proudly boasts support by the neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer) and the 54% of the electorate who voted for him feel right at home with the party. As the Daily Stormer says regarding Morrow's election, "It's our party now."

But let's ask Robert Morrow himself why he was elected: "I think the voters thought my name sounded more "Christian."  

And guess what. Travis County is described as "one of the most liberal counties" in Texas. Yee-haw!


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