Wednesday, April 13, 2016


A little over a year ago, I wrote about a father and daughter who started dating  (i.e., having sex) after a lifetime of separation. At the time, the general consensus was, What could be more repulsive? 

Glad you asked.

Yikes! A 32 year-old man having sex with a 51 year-old woman? Disgusting!

Stop the presses. Please.
This wacky relationship is more confusing than it seems. Unlike other guys, Ben has to remember to buy birthday, anniversary and Mother's Day cards. And if Kim gives birth, their offspring will also be her grandchild, thus having the urge to be strict and spoil the kid. 

(Quick aside: These two seem to have skipped science class the day they would've learned that incest is icky, and getting knocked up at 51 is impossible without some lab work.)

It all began like any number of "love at first sight" romances:

You probably had a similar encounter at least once in your life. Only not with your goddamn parent!

That wasn't the only fly in the incestuous ointment. Ben, you see, was married. And he found himself in the same predicament that many men do when there's another woman:

Needless to say, this would have the opposite effect on most men. 

Now, I understand the urge for some couples to tell the world about their love. Especially when you can make money off it by selling it to a British tabloid. But if you were mother and son, wouldn't you want to keep it under wraps?  

Perhaps Kim and Ben are thinking that now. Under Michigan law, they could serve 15 years in the slammer, forcing them to go underground (although not far enough). However, they appear to have science on their side:

This is known as Genetic Sexual Attraction. And if it has a name, you know you can't help it. 

So reflect on that when you wish you had been given up for adoption instead of growing up with your stupid family. That could be you on the front page of New Day.


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