Thursday, May 19, 2016


In a radio interview yesterday, Republican Representative Steve King of Iowa warned that transgender civil rights will lead to an influx of "sweaty women" in public bathrooms.

A subsequent poll found that an overwhelming number of men replied, "Yeah, baby, now we're talkin'! Ow!"

When asked for the reason of the meeting, Trump told reporters, "Now that I've got the racists and nationalists lined up, I figured it was time to go for the war criminals."

In a quick survey, however, most women thought that Trump had the advantage because if Rendell is any indication, most men are stupid and look like Archie Bunker.

However, news outlets will be rewarded if they fail to use the words "scandal-ridden," "corrupt," "sellout," and "sinking poll numbers" in connection with de Blasio.

In announcing the sale, the hacker said, "This is your chance to finally connect with people who have no interest in hiring you."

When asked why he was so fond of it, Clinton said, "Well, I thought it was only fair, considering how many women I've told to do the same thing for me."


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