Tuesday, May 19, 2015


You might find it hard to believe, but I've fallen victim to cynicism on occasion. I'm thinking of one particular piece I wrote a couple of months ago -- "A Paid Political Announcement" -- which tried to put across the idea that Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush were pretty much the same person. If you like, you can refresh your memory by reading it here.

Well, I've thought long and hard about the two candidates since then, and now realize how terribly wrong I was. So, as a public service, I've detailed their differences in hope that it helps you on Election Day, 2016.

                        JEB                                                HILLARY

Got to where he is via father's name.        Got to where she is via husband's name.

Oil insider.                                             Wall Street insider.

Haunted by his brother's mistakes.            Haunted by her brother's greed.

Brother invaded too many countries.         Husband invaded too many women.

Friend of Fox News.                                Friend of ABC News.

The "smart one" of the family.                 The "scary one" of the family.

Will spew any bullshit for votes.                Will spew any horseshit for votes.

Alleged RHINO.                                       Alleged DINO.

Trolls the right for ungodly amounts          Trolls the left for ungodly amounts
 of money.                                             of money.

Can't answer a simple question.                 Won't answer a simple question.

Unofficial primary slogan: "You                  Unofficial primary slogan: "You
gonna vote for one of those guys?"             gonna vote for who else?"

Mistrusted by the right, but will get           Mistrusted by the left, but will get
their reluctant votes in the end.                their reluctant votes in the end.

                              Democracy -- it's a beautiful thing.


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